Artist Spotlight: Andres Esparza

ANDRES ESPARZA, originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, is a fan of comics, video games, and science fiction, horror and fantasy movies.  He has eighteen years of experience in the comic industry, from working with local independent publications to international publications such as 1First Comics, Zenescope, Z2 Comics, and Double Take. Projects include Mundo Diablo, a comic spinoff of the Netflix hit Diablero for Heavy Metal Magazine, and Vault, The Standoff and Hell for Storm King Comics. He also works with video game studios such as CgBot, Amber Studio and Capio Technologies. He is an amateur musician (quite amateur) and basketball player (zero jump), and is happily married.  Working on what he loves the most is a dream come true.

1. First John Carpenter memory?
When I was a kid (9yo i think) I watched a few of his movies on a local channel all saturdays. I saw Big Trouble in Little China, Christine, They Live, The Thing, this one gave me goosebumps.

2. How did you get started writing/drawing/lettering?
Mazinger Z was the first thing that started the fire. I drew it on my mom’s house walls. Hahaha. Then the súper hero comics. X-men was my first. Then Spiderman. Then I drew and created my own characters.

3. How did you get involved with Storm King Comics?
A good friend of mine notified me that a writer was looking for an artist. I was in the last issue of a project and I said why not? I Sent my portfolio to James Ninness and he liked and replied with the script and I liked and wanted to work on it. Then I met Sandy and my mind exploded and I’m so happy to have worked with them.

4. Who are your idols/mentors?
John Byrne, Bernie Wrighston, Chris Claremont, Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Isaac Asimov, John Carpenter, Wes Craven, James O Barr, Arturo Rivera (Mexican surreal painter), Caravaggio, Trent Reznor, Eddie Vedder, Remedios Varo…just to name a few.

5. What is the thing you geek out the most about and why?
When I see a collectible figure of what I like most (comic, horror/sci-fi movies, cartoons characters or real persons like directors, actors or musicians).

6. Guilty pleasure….food? music? entertainment? Everyone needs an escape.
I listen to all kinds of music. Even sometimes when I’m working I play Dua Lipa. Some pop doesn’t hurt this metalhead. My wife and I sometimes watch teenage dramas on Netflix. Aaaand food? Weeell, my age doesn’t allow me some permissions but I like M&Ms aaaaa lot.

7. The world has there anything you like in the post covid world?
COVID has definitely changed our way of life. I suppose that what I would like the most is that we live with less fear. It already hit me so now I see things a bit different and I don’t think back to my old habits. We need to be very careful with these variants. Do not leave the guard. more vaccinated people and more vaccines for everyone, not just a few.

8. What change would you like to see in the world?
More empathy.

9. Favorite 2021 memory?
That my wife and I move to our new apartment and the projects I worked on this year. Hell will be the best project I worked on.

10. What brings you joy?
That I’m alive to do what I like most: Draw comics.

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