Artist Spotlight: Cat Staggs

Cat is an artist best known for her work on the New York Times Bestselling title Smallville Season 11 from DC Comics. She is co-creator of Crosswind with, Gail Simone (Image Comics). Currently working on Red Sonja (Dynamite). Recently she completed Death Of Superman with Louise Simonson (DC Comics) and John Carpenter’s Tales Of Science Fiction: Surviving Nuclear Attack with Joe Harris (Storm King Comics).  She has also worked on popular titles like Adventures Of Supergirl (DC Comics), Wonder Woman ‘77 (DC Comics), X-Files and Orphan Black (IDW), Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman (DC), The Vampire Diaries (DC), Phantom Lady And Doll Man (DC), Star Trek (IDW), Tales For A HalloweeNight Vol. 1-8 (Storm King Comics), and over ten years in the Star Wars universe with Lucasfilm. In 2017 a one of a kind original Wonder Woman piece was inducted to the Library of Congress by Lynda Carter along with Wonder Woman ‘77 Vol. 1.

1. First John Carpenter memory?

I am not really sure which came first between Halloween and the Fog. I believe it might have been Halloween. Either way I was way too young to have seen them but also loved them. Lol. I know for sure the next one was Christine. My mom is a big Stephen King fan so I was already familiar with the book, which I loved. I always thought John’s film was such a fantastic adaptation.

2. How did you get started writing/drawing/lettering?

I don’t remember not drawing. It has always been there for me. It is very much a part of who I am.

3. How did you get involved with Storm King Comics?

I met Sandy at a convention. I believe it was in Long Beach. The second I met her I knew I wanted to work with her in whatever capacity I could. She’s amazing. I believe the first piece I did for them was a NYCC exclusive cover for Tales for a HalloweeNight vol 1. And I have been lucky enough to continue to work with her and Storm King.

4. Who are your idols/mentors?

The artists who inspire me aren’t strictly visual artists, but people who use their creativity in ways that are authentic and unconventional like Lily Tomlin. I am inspired often by films and music and am almost always listening or watching something in the background when I work.

5. What is the thing you geek out the most about and why?

Right now anything my daughter does. She’s seven years old and astounds me daily.

6. Guilty pleasure….food? music? entertainment? Everyone needs an escape.

I don’t have any guilty pleasures. I like the things I like and everyone else be damned.

7. The world has there anything you like in the post covid world?

I think we’ve learned to appreciate the small things and not take things for granted that we we love.

8. What change would you like to see in the world?

I’d love to see actual progress on fighting climate change. And for all folks to be able to have enough safe food to eat and drink. End fascism? People be able to live their lives in peace? It’s an endless question.

9. Favorite 2021 memory?

Getting to see my mom after a year and a half. We had a fun Mother’s Day week family trip.

10. What brings you joy?

My family. My daughter and watching her experience things for the first time even though she keeps growing up. My wife getting the success she deserves.

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