Written by Dennis Calero
Art by Dennis Calero
Lettering by Janice Chiang
Edited by Sandy King
Covers by Tim Bradstreet

Issue 1

Pilot and physicist David Peeler has a theory that it’s possible to travel between universes within a multiverse. Meanwhile, his colleague, Dr. Nestor Torres, is experimenting with faster than light travel. Together they devise an experiment to prove both theories at once. David reluctantly agrees to pilot the ship, and when the day arrives, it appears to be a success… for a moment.


Issue 2

David makes it back to our Earth in one piece, but wants to halt any further testing until they understand what went wrong. However, Nestor is determined to forge ahead, and begins construction of a new FTL vehicle. Then one night an unexpected visitor shows up at Nestor’s lab. It’s David, but not our David. This Alt-David somehow also ended up here after the test. In his universe, he lost his family in a car wreck. When he discovers our David hasn’t, he wants to replace him and get his family back, and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to make that happen.


Issue 3

Things are getting complicated. After murdering Nestor, Alt-David shows up at David’s home, while David is left to deal with the police… and what appears to be him on the security tape. Meanwhile, Camille is confused by the sight of her grizzled husband and his strange behavior, until our David returns home, leaving her completely flabbergasted. The two David’s finally meet, and after a tense face-off, they realize they need to fix this problem and an uneasy truce is formed… for now.


Issue 4

David makes fake credentials to get Alt-David back into the lab and the two of them get to work. Tensions run high, but after a few weeks, they’re ready for another test flight. This time the results are even more unexpected than the last. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the police are closing in. Time and options are running out.