On a haunted road in the backwoods of New England, a luckless recovery driver finds himself helping a distraught young woman pursued by a malevolent specter. Together, they must unravel the mystery of the so-called ‘Coffin Road’ and escape before dawn, or else remain trapped here forever.

To everyone else, Phil Pendleton and his son Adam look like an ordinary father and son. Perhaps the boy dresses a little strange and seems to have an unusual hold over his old man. Perhaps the father looks hollowed out and sick. What nobody knows is that up until a few weeks ago and an unusual encounter at the grocery store, Phil had never seen the boy before, but now Adam is in his life, altering and controlling it, and it will take a particular kind of horror to get him out.

When Special Agent Angela Hernandez follows the trail of a savage murder to a small town in Rhode Island, she discovers the town has secrets. Not the least of which is that it’s home to an enclave of werewolves. And her partner is one of them!

Sweeping across the Old West like an outbreak of a disease, a dark Evil settles upon the small town of Goshen, unleashing a hellish collection of monsters and demons, meanwhile taking control of a once wholesome young man turning him into a vicious serial killer. “Black Sparrow,” is the story of a father’s undying love for his son, a community overwhelmed by a wickedness it cannot comprehend, and a conspiracy to cross generations devised in Hell itself.

On the back roads of rural America the Gates of Hell are wide-open… Demons are real and they hunt us from the darkness.

Sixteen years ago James Walker’s wife and unborn child were brutally murdered by what he thought was his best friend. Now he is a pawn in a cryptic demonic prophecy and trapped in a bloody war between Heaven and Hell. Guided only by an unstable, alcoholic priest, James seeks revenge against the demon that killed his family.

Dark, violent and action-packed! The streets run red with blood as James and his outlaw biker gang, the 13 Horsemen, battle demonic forces set on consuming humanity. Can a bunch of foul-mouthed, dirty bikers stop the end of days? Or will they cause it?

In the not too distant future, Earth no longer has room for graveyards. Callisto, a rocky moon of Jupiter, has become designated as the Graveyard Moon, but only the wealthy can afford a proper burial there. Cooper and his longtime crew prepare their cargo ship to transport a load of the dead, having flown this route many times over. But their routine trip is disrupted by deception and greed and they find themselves under siege by the ghosts of the dead they carry, teaching them a lesson they may learn too late: never disrespect the Dead.