More than twenty years have passed since the Benson Station disaster as an unauthorized rescue mission brings the survivors together again. Now some 5,500 light years from home a familiar evil is rising with a score to settle.

VORTEX 2.0 is the seventh story in John Carpenter’s monthly anthology series, Tales of Science Fiction.

Marnie Young, an executive assistant in San Diego, is a sweet girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly. She’s also super lonely. But one night, without warning, Marnie has a violent seizure; co-workers recoil in horror as she writhes on the floor. Two days later, Marnie wakes up later in a hospital room. As her vision comes into focus, she sees 17 doctos and nurses dead on the floor, blood splattered everywhere.

Soon she discovers the shocking truth: Marnie has become lethal, and everyone who comes within three feet of her dies instantly! Which is really going to mess up her dating life (if she had one). Is there a cure? Will anyone ever get close enough to find out?

REDHEAD is the sixth story in John Carpenter’s monthly anthology series, Tales of Science Fiction.

As the Cold War rose in the 1950s, military hero, Cpt. George Kutter and his family trained to be legacy survivors in the event of an atomic exchange with the Soviet Union. Prepared to wait out the aftermath of nuclear war, they were subjected to numerous simulations, scenarios and stresses in hopes of helping salvage something of their family, their country and humanity from the ashes of a conflict with the Russians that never happened. But when a group of lost hunting buddies stumble upon a seemingly abandoned fallout shelter in the present-day Pennsylvania wilderness, they’ll uncover secrets best left buried. What was the nature of the secret Archonite initiative? What lengths did the United States go to in order to prepare for all-out war and its aftermath? What did the Kutter Family endure in preparation for their duty? And if World War III never broke out… why are they still down there?

SURVIVING NUCLEAR ATTACK is the fifth story in John Carpenter’s monthly anthology series, Tales of Science Fiction.

The desert above Los Angeles is a harsh, unforgiving place. The heat does something to people’s brains — or so thinks Lieutenant Ron Pinkerton, who is investigating a series of shockingly violent crimes perpetrated by the most unlikely suspects.

Meanwhile, just a few miles away, astrophysicists at the Mount Wilson Observatory are grappling with another kind of threat — one that threatens to extinguish humanity in the time it takes for your eye to TWITCH…

TWITCH: The fourth story in John Carpenter’s monthly anthology series Tales of Science Fiction.

Tattersall Prison. Max lock. The baddest of the bad…
…until something from the night sky crashes into the complex, trapping cons and guards on the inside, cops on the outside, and escapees in-between…
…all of them threatened by a hideous invader who needs to take over nice, warm human bodies.
It’s a hostage situation. It’s a battle between species. It’s Earth’s most serious STANDOFF.

THE STANDOFF is the third story in John Carpenter’s monthly anthology series, Tales of Science Fiction.

With all communication lost from a mining asteroid, space station Benson dispatches a rescue ship to investigate. What the team discovers threatens not only to overwhelm and destroy them, but could ultimately threaten all life on Earth.

VORTEX: The second story in John Carpenter’s new monthly anthology series Tales of Science Fiction.

When the moon-bound crew of Gaia stumbles across an enormous alien vessel, more technologically advanced than their own, priorities change. The mystery deepens when the crew discovers the name of the vessel along the hull, written in English: VAULT.

VAULT is the first story of John Carpenter’s new, monthly anthology series, Tales of Science Fiction.