Written by Alec Worley

Art by Trevor Denham

Colors by Ryan Winn

Lettering by Janice Chiang

Edited by Sandy King

Cover by Trevor Denham and Ryan Winn

The locals call it ‘the Coffin Road’, a lonely highway winding through the backwoods of Maine, said to be the haunt of all who have died there. Not the best place for your car to break down!

ALEX is the dazed survivor of an auto-wreck, assisted by OWEN, a young African-American recovery driver with his own reasons to fear these eerie backroads. But with a storm closing in, floodwaters have blocked the road back to town, forcing Alex and Owen to take the long, treacherous route back through the Coffin Road.

They are pursued by a malevolent specter with a crooked neck. Who is he? And why does he want to own Alex’s body and soul? What other secrets lay hidden in these woods? Alex and Owen must journey through this shadow world and unravel its many mysteries before the Coffin Road buries them forever!