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Fetch Book Two: The Rescue

Fetch Book Two: The Rescue

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John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids: FETCH BOOK TWO: THE RESCUE

12-year old Danni thought nothing could be worse than mourning her beloved pet dog, but when her fantastical quest to bring back her pup back from the Underworld goes wrong the Dark Lord, Hades, himself takes her younger brother Sammy hostage! Heartbroken but determined to rescue Sammy she sets off on an even more incredible final journey, but this time she’s taking her new mythological friends with her. If a Cyclops, a Minotaur, a Ferryman and the legendary Hero, Odysseus, can’t outfox Hades then no one can. Aided by the ancient gods themselves and picking up new friends and enemies along the way brace yourself for the wonderful finale to FETCH!

Written by Mike Sizemore, with art by Dave Kennedy and colors by Pete Kennedy, Fetch Book Two: The Rescue is the TENTH story in the anthology series, John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids. Ages 8 and up.

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