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Stanley and the Haunted House - Issue 1 of 1

Stanley and the Haunted House - Issue 1 of 1

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Stanley and Friends are sitting around a campfire, eating s’mores and telling ghost stories.  Bandit, being a curious raccoon, wonders if ghosts are real.  He asks his friends what they think.  Everyone believes in them but Stanley!  Well, there’s only one way to find out for sure, they decide, and that’s to spend the night in a haunted house…like Bunnyburrow Manor!

Natasha brings her camera to take pictures of the things that go bump in the night, but it’s not just bumps they hear.  Will this make a believer out of Stanley?  You’ll have to join Stanley and Friends on this new adventure to find out!

Jeff Balke (FANTASTIC FOUR, JOHN CARPENTER'S ASYLUM, DEADPOOH), Walter Carzon (SCOOBY-DOO, LOONEY TUNES) and Horacio Ottolini (SCOOBY-DOO, ANIMANIACS) bring you STANLEY AND THE HAUNTED HOUSE, another Halloween adventure from John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids.
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