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Storm King Productions

13 Horsemen (Unsigned)

13 Horsemen (Unsigned)

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On the back roads of rural America the Gates of Hell are wide-open… Demons are real and they hunt us from the darkness.

Sixteen years ago James Walker’s wife and unborn child were brutally murdered by what he thought was his best friend. Now he is a pawn in a cryptic demonic prophecy and trapped in a bloody war between Heaven and Hell. Guided only by an unstable, alcoholic priest, James seeks revenge against the demon that killed his family.

Dark, violent and action-packed! The streets run red with blood as James and his outlaw biker gang, the 13 Horsemen, battle demonic forces set on consuming humanity. Can a bunch of foul-mouthed, dirty bikers stop the end of days? Or will they cause it?

The first original graphic novel by award-winning artist and writer Nat Jones.(SPAWN, ’68, Frank Frazetta’s DEATH DEALER) 13 Horsemen is a story of friendship, family and horror as James and the 13 Horsemen find themselves head to head with the hordes of hell.
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