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Storm King Productions

Black Sparrow (Signed)

Black Sparrow (Signed)

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Signed by John Carpenter and Sandy King

Sweeping across the Old West like a sudden outbreak of a disease, a dark Evil settles upon the small town of Goshen, California. The Elias Family, humble farmers in the Central Valley, find themselves in the eye of the storm. Sam Elias, the wholesome, hard working son of Henry and Martha, and brother to his adoring young sister Marybelle, is the first to be affected by the demonic wave. To the shock of his family and community, Sam embarks on a murderous rampage, coldly slaughtering anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path. Henry knows in his heart that his boy could never commit such cruelty and begins a journey to find Sam with the hope of ridding him of this savage spirit. 

What Henry discovers during his odyssey is a larger gathering of monsters and hellish creatures for what is seemingly a singular, conspiratorial purpose. Along the way, he meets and joins forces with Hania, a Native American Spirit Warrior who is also searching for the source of the onslaught of death and destruction among her people. As Sam remains one step ahead of his father, he is also being tracked by an unusual European man called Julian, who has direct knowledge of dark forces and has a mysterious past with Henry. 

Writer Steve Niles (30 DAYS OF NIGHT, THE OCTOBER FACTION, MYSTERY SOCIETY) and writer/director Jay Russell (END OF THE LINE, MY DOG SKIP, TUCK EVERLASTING) along with artist Scott Hampton (THE UPTURNED STONE, SPOOKHOUSE, SIMON DARK) and colorist Jennifer Lange (AMERICAN GODS) bring you BLACK SPARROW, the third story in Storm King Comics’ newest line, John Carpenter’s Night Terrors.
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