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Grimms Town Bundle

Grimms Town Bundle

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The Grimms Town Bundle includes the cuddly Grubb plush toy and the graphic novel John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids: THE GRIMMS TOWN TERROR TALES: RISE OF THE CANDY CREEPER. Cuddle up with Grubb while taking a wild adventure with Hansel and Gretel!

Written by Neo Edmund with art by Renae DeLiz. Ages 8 and up.

Hansel & Gretel return home one evening to find their house ransacked and their parents missing. They soon discover a hidden lair under the family home and learn their mother and father have been leading a secret double life as suburban parents by day and heroic monster hunters by night; a family tradition dating back hundreds of years. Hansel & Gretel must now pick up where their parents left off and rise to become the new protectors of Grimms Town. Armed with an awesome array of techno-magical weapons designed for paranormal butt-kicking (technological devices fueled by magical energy), they will embark upon a heroic adventure in hopes of finding their missing parents. Along the way they learn of a secret family curse that gives them the power to fight evil, but also puts them in danger of becoming evil themselves. With the help of their whimsically-weird Aunt Zoe and a goblin called Grubb that’s about as fierce as a puppy, they will fight to protect Grimms Town from the many creepy and dreadful things that go bump in the night.
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