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Hell - Issue 2

Hell - Issue 2

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Cover by Tim Bradstreet, Signed by John Carpenter & Sandy King.

Born in the Underneath … trapped in the Overworld … the calm, inhuman visitor known as KARTKAS is charged with helping a human team visit and explore his stomping grounds … the regions beneath … commonly known throughout history as HELL.

Their journey only starts in the Bermuda Triangle, aboard a ghost ship – a haunted tanker.

BENEATH THAT: A violent steam tunnel breaching the Atlantic Ocean floor.

And beneath that …?

Writer David J. Schow (THE CROW, JC’S TALES FOR A HALLOWEENIGHT, JC’S TALES OF SCIENCE FICTION: THE STANDOFF) and the cinematic art team behind JC’S TALES OF SCIENCE FICTION: VAULT and THE STANDOFF, Andres Esparza and Sergio Martinez, are taking you to HELL #2 (of 8), the EIGHTH story in John Carpenter’s monthly anthology series Tales of Science Fiction.

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