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Hell - Issue 7

Hell - Issue 7

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Cover by Tim Bradstreet, Signed by John Carpenter & Sandy King.

GARGOYLES IN HELL? THEY'RE REAL! Captured, jailed and used for arena combat and lab experimentation by magnificent living monsters from Earth's medieval past, the surviving members of the CalEx incursion team must figure out whether escape – or survival – is even possible down in the Underneath.

These creatures have always been with us. Waiting for their chance to come back, topside … and reclaim the surface-world of Earth for their own.

Writer David J. Schow (THE CROW, JC’S TALES FOR A HALLOWEENIGHT, JC’S TALES OF SCIENCE FICTION: THE STANDOFF) and the cinematic art team behind JC’S TALES OF SCIENCE FICTION: VAULT and THE STANDOFF, Andres Esparza and Sergio Martinez, are taking you to HELL #7 (of 8), the EIGHTH story in John Carpenter’s monthly anthology series Tales of Science Fiction.

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