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Storm King Productions

Interference Pattern - Issue 2

Interference Pattern - Issue 2

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Cover by Tim Bradstreet, Signed by John Carpenter & Sandy King.

David makes it back to our Earth in one piece, but wants to halt any further testing until they understand what went wrong. However, Nestor is determined to forge ahead, and begins construction of a new FTL vehicle. Then one night an unexpected visitor shows up at Nestor’s lab. It’s David, but not our David. This Alt-David somehow also ended up here after the test. In his universe, he lost his family in a car wreck. When he discovers our David hasn’t, he wants to replace him and get his family back, and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Writer/artist Dennis Calero (X-MEN NOIR, LEGION OF SUPER HEROES, X FACTOR) brings you INTERFERENCE PATTERN, the TENTH story in the John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction line, from Storm King Comics.
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