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Storm King Productions

Interference Pattern - Issue 3

Interference Pattern - Issue 3

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Cover by Tim Bradstreet, Signed by John Carpenter & Sandy King.

Things are getting complicated. After murdering Nestor, Alt-David shows up at David’s home, while David is left to deal with the police… and what appears to be him on the security tape. Meanwhile, Camille is confused by the sight of her grizzled husband and his strange behavior, until our David returns home, leaving her completely flabbergasted. The two David’s finally meet, and after a tense face-off, they realize they need to fix this problem and an uneasy truce is formed… for now.

Writer/artist Dennis Calero (X-MEN NOIR, LEGION OF SUPER HEROES, X FACTOR) brings you INTERFERENCE PATTERN, the TENTH story in the John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction line, from Storm King Comics.
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