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Storm King Productions

Long Haul (unsigned)

Long Haul (unsigned)

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Fact: there are over 700 missing people along America’s interstate highways, hunted, taken, and killed by more than 300 active serial killers.

When Sarah Blake went missing on her way to work, it was too much for her sickly father to handle. His passing, coupled with Sarah’s disappearance, left her older brothers Danny and Carl filled with rage and loss. With nothing and no one left to lose, the two men decide to spend whatever time they have left hunting down long haul serial killers, uncovering the truth about Sarah, and taking the murderers out in brutal fashion.

During their mission for revenge, they learn about a convoy of sociopathic killers known only as The Nine. One of them stole Sarah from beside her broken down car, and the Blake brothers must violently work their way through the Nine and their protectors until they come to the member who took her.

Written by Cullen Bunn and Heath Amodio, with art by Andrea Mutti, inks by Gigi Baldassini, and colors by Valerio Alloro.

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