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Storm King Productions

Tales for a HalloweeNight Vol. 2 (Signed)

Tales for a HalloweeNight Vol. 2 (Signed)

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Signed by John Carpenter and Sandy King.

John Carpenter knows horror. From Halloween, to The Fog and The Thing, Carpenter was meant to create stories that will make your skin crawl. This October, John Carpenter and Storm King Productions assemble a team of the top horror talent around, including Steve Niles, Sandy King, Jimmy Palmiotti, and many more, to create 2016’s most terrifying graphic novel in Tales for a HalloweeNight Volume 2. Combined with a diverse group of artists to boot, each individual story provides its own reason to keep you awake and scared.

Creators Include:
John Carpenter, Steve Hoveke, Dennis Calero, Sandy King, Steve Niles, James Ninness, David J Schow, Duane Swierczynski, Jon Bogdanove, Tim Bradstreet, Richard P Clark, Federico Deluca, Darick Robertson, Joel Séguin, David Kennedy, Ray Dillon, Amanda Deibert, Axur Aneas, Jimmy Palmiotti, Mike Sizemore, Deidre Brooks, Renae DeLiz, Cat Staggs, Jaime Carrillo, Trevor Denham
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