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The Standoff - Issue 1

The Standoff - Issue 1

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Signed by John Carpenter & Sandy King.

Tattersall Prison. Max lock. The baddest of the bad…
…until something from the night sky crashes into the complex, trapping cons and guards on the inside, cops on the outside, and escapees in-between…
…all of them threatened by a hideous invader who needs to take over nice, warm human bodies.
It’s a hostage situation. It’s a battle between species. It’s Earth’s most serious STANDOFF.

From the twisted mind of David J. Schow (The Crow, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, The Outer Limits, JC's Tales for a HalloweeNight) and the cinematic art team behind VAULT, Andres Esparza and Sergio Martinez, comes the 3rd story in John Carpenter’s monthly anthology series Tales of Science Fiction. THE STANDOFF begins JUNE 2018.
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