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Storm King Productions

Usher Down (Signed)

Usher Down (Signed)

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Signed by John Carpenter and Sandy King.

A young psychic joins a government expedition to explore the most legendary haunted house of all time, the fabled House of Usher. The house is real, frozen in time below ground-- but what the explorers find there is demonic, alive, and may well have called them for its own dark purposes.

Writer Jason Henderson (Alex Van Helsing, Sword of Dracula, Strange Magic) along with artist Greg Scott (Star Trek, Wolverine, X-Files) and colorist Felipe Sobreiro (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, Spread, Generation X) take you underground, in USHER DOWN, the SEVENTH story in Storm King Comics’ anthology series, John Carpenter’s Night Terrors. Cover by Dennis Calero.

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